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Piz’za-za, your restaurant of gourmet pizzas and wine bar

Established for over 25 years, we are proud to be one of the highlights of Old Hull. We make it our duty to make each of your visits a pleasant event for your reunion of all kinds. Whether it’s at lunch time or in the evening, we will try to appeal to your senses to nourish your thoughts and perhaps even your spirit.

At Piz’za-za, our primary objective is to prepare and serve you the best plate, made with as much local products as possible. In addition, our selection of privately imported wines is carefully chosen to satisfy and titillate your taste buds.

It is in the heart of our Downtown, where it is good to eat, that we hope to see you again and again.


Wine tasting JOIN US

Piz’za-za has also created, for the greater pleasure of its patrons and frequent clients, a series of wine tasting evenings during which passionate oenologists share their tour of the greatest wineries.

The Piz'atmosphere

Specialsyou don't want to miss

Pasta Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday, the kitchen team prepares a special $ 14.95 pasta dish from noon to closing.


Enjoy the warmth of our rooms on the second floor for any number of activities: happy hour, cocktails, celebrations, wine tastings, wine and cheese parties. Group reservations start at 6 people.


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